Our story

The story of Cukru production [tsoo-kroo], a creative studio based in Trnava, began in 2012, when it was founded by the multimedia artist Martina Slováková solely out of a passion for video, photography and design. She had been professionally
creating documentaries and music videos since 2008, and Cukru production represented the next step in her professional journey. Martina has been the creative and executive leader of the studio from day one.

Our mission

The long-term vision of Cukru is to call beautiful and functional ideas into existence. We specialize in videomaking, visual identities and websites.

Our greatest passion is to design solutions that you enjoy watching and we enjoy creating. We enjoy building captivating projects from the ground up, always striving to transform the creative process into a mutually pleasing experience and conducting our work as a team through the process of creative dialogue. Cukru’s story is inspired by the fragrance and colors of the town where it resides, and while our team often travels here and there, we always come back to Trnava and do our very best to help it flourish.

We care about the values and principles of modern civic society. We work with smaller local brands, bigger multinational companies, non-profits and commercial projects.

We support great ideas and conduct our business responsibly. We seek out partnerships based on mutual trust-your trust in our taste and experience, as well as our trust in your product or philosophy, are the twin pillars of successful cooperation.

Our team

Cukru is a creative group built on the foundation of a strong and permanent team, with Martina Slováková at its heart. Videos, campaigns and visual identities are created in-house, while our clients are treated to a complex agency service. We're endowed with the necessary know-how and rich experience in different lines of business. We produce videos of different genres using our own gear. When working on projects, we collaborate with our trusted partners (programming, printing, casting, PPC campaigns or certified aerial footage).

Our services

  • video
  • graphic design
  • ideamaking
  • corporate identity
  • personal branding
  • creating websites
  • illustration
  • copywriting
  • photography
  • production and printing

Teamwork makes the dreamwork.


Videomaking holds a special place in the current digital world, and thus in our portfolio as well. We live and breathe videomaking. In Cukru, we produce animated and live action videos.

We have experience with numerous genres, be it promotional, product or event videos, as well as YouTube ads and large format screenings.

Take a peek at how we work.