Basics of lighting, studio work, interview prep and post-production. Those were the central topics of this training course in Ružomberok.

We teamed up with the non-profit organization Stopka and prepared a tailor-made workshop with consideration for their needs. We worked in their environment and using their gear to help them achieve the best performance with what they have at hand. A 2-day workshop led by two of our lecturers was offered pro bono to support the activities of the non-profit Stopka.

We truly appreciate that, in this particular case, individual approach is more than just a phrase. Even before the workshop started, Maťa and Jožko found out as much as possible about what we do, what we wish to do and what our options are in terms of finance, location and equipment. They asked for our previous work and used it to tailor the workshop to our needs. They brought out our strengths and helped us identify our weaknesses, which really helped us to learn and train in all the necessary areas. We appreciate their professionalism – even though we received the project basically pro bono, we could never tell, judging from its quality. We didn’t feel deprived of anything, and that is a truly big plus for them, especially compared to our previous experience. Not all socially-responsible companies can achieve that. Finally, we truly appreciate the amazing creative atmosphere created by Maťa and Jožko. We simply clicked as people. We left the workshop excited and motivated to keep on pursuing our attempts at filmmaking. It might have been the greatest educational activity in a very long time and we eagerly recommend their services.

Roman Martinovič, Stopka n.o.



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