ECO Station

A simple and clean website for a project centered around a business space of the highest standard.

The project was carried out in cooperation with our long-term partner – the real estate agency NEOREAL.


Corvus is a Slovak mobile app developed especially for the needs of the blind and visually-impaired. The client walked us through how it works, and we suggested a creative solution for how to present it. We wrote the screenplay and voiceover, had it recorded, prepared the storyboards, drew the individual scenes and animated the video.


Študenti architektúry

The workshop titled “New Life of a Dead Land” took place in the post-industrial area of Karviná. The goal was to introduce the basics of audiovisual production, present and analyze different approaches to the creative process and help the students develop their own ideas. Their task was to capture the changes in the Karvinsko landscape using photography and video. Apart from theoretical lectures, we as lecturers helped the participants with the practical assignment.

New adventure

Cukru and the non-profit organization Bronco are Slovak partners of the international project New Era, New Adventure. The authors of the concept believe that non-profit organizations are behind tremendous initiatives and projects which have a significant social impact, but the resources and the space to communicate these activities are often limited. Our task was to create a program for Slovak NGOs, with parallel trainings taking place in Hungary, Czechia and Poland.

The program led by three lecturers was focused on both theory and practice. Ivan Ježík (Voices) talked about storytelling and presenting in front of an audience. Martina Slováková (Cukru) prepared lectures on the history of video, its genres and the whole creative process – ranging from the initial assignment to the final publication on social media. Jozef Pajerský (Cukru) led a practical workshop on camerawork, which covered setting up the sound, processing the material and editing.